Student Scholarships

Recognizing our commitment toward the promotion of leadership in Aging Services, GGS sponsors an annual gerontology scholarship award program. This program provides scholarship opportunities to outstanding graduate and undergraduate students who are committed to pursuing a career in the field of aging. Applicants must be members of the Georgia Gerontology Society.

Two scholarships are awarded each year. The Robert P. Wray Scholarship of $2,000 is awarded to one undergraduate student, and the Virginia M. Smyth Scholarship of $3,000 is awarded to one graduate student to promote students’ interest in age-related issues and to promote professional development in gerontology.

The Robert P. Wray Scholarship

Robert P. Wray was an active GGS member, a founder of numerous service programs in Pennsylvania and Georgia, and was the first Director of the University of Georgia Gerontology Center. He was first posthumously honored in 1989 by designation of the Wray Legislative Award. However, Society members quickly realized that this educator’s memory would be best honored through naming of the annual gerontology scholarship award.

The Virginia Smyth Scholarship

The Virginia Smyth Scholarship is presented annually to offer financial support to persons seeking to advance their careers in aging. The fund, established in 1998, provides scholarships for graduate study in gerontology and promotes leadership development in the field of aging to include a broad knowledge base, strong organizational skills and a vision for the future. The Scholarship was first awarded in 2004 and named for Virginia Smyth, a founding member of GGS and the spirit behind the establishment and endowment of the GGS Scholarship Fund.

Scholarship Submission Information Memo (PDF)

Scholarship Application Instructions (PDF)

Older Adult Scholarships

As a network that educates, serves and advocates for older adults and their families, GGS is proud to sponsor an annual gerontology scholarship award program for older adults. This program provides scholarship opportunities to attend the annual conference to older adults. By making these awards, we aim to promote continued interest and involvement in aging-related issues.

The scholarship award winners will be recognized at the GGS annual conference at the award ceremony. Conference fees will be waived for the winners and they each will receive hotel and mileage reimbursement. Included with the scholarship award is also a one-year membership to GGS.

Older Adult Scholarship Instructions (PDF)

2018 Scholarship Winners


Ruhee Patel

College/University: Emory University, Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology

Ruhee would like to become a physician to help people improve their health and to form meaningful relationships with patients. She hopes to specialize in geriatrics medicine so she can keep working with those in aging populations who are struggling with health as they get older. She would ideally like to travel around the world and practice medicine in many different countries, as she is interested to see how focuses of geriatrics medicine vary among different cultures and ethnic groups.


Kallol Kumar Bhattacharyya

College/University: Georgia State University, Masters of Arts in Gerontology

Kallol is a medical doctor from India, working as a family physician for nearly two decades. He has chosen to study Gerontology, because he also believes in the strong ties between medicine and humanity. As a clinician, he was serving the poor in India with dedication, but coming towards the midpoint of his career, he realized that as just a clinician he could not make major changes in society. He wanted to have the education needed to reach beyond medical model treatments and give older adults a complete management that maximizes their life while living with dementia – with person-centered care that includes medical care but focuses on quality of life and well-being.


Arlene Fitts Winfrey

Rose Marie Fagan