October is the Time to Honor Long-Term Care Residents

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On October 9, 2019, Georgia Department of Human Services Commissioner, Robyn Crittenden,  joined with Division of Aging Services Director, Abby Cox; State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, Melanie McNeil; Long-Term Care Ombudsman Advisory Council members, volunteers and the staff of the Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman to recognize the month of October as “Residents’ Rights Month”.

In 2018, more than 1,000 nursing home residents from across the state sent letters and petitions to the Governor and their state House and Senate members asking for an increase in the Personal Needs Allowance (PNA). Governor Kemp and the members of the Georgia General Assembly responded positively. In 2019, residents again contacted their House and Senate members urging an increase to the total PNA authorized in law. Lawmakers agreed and increased the PNA to $70. Many Ombudsman Representatives worked with residents, resident councils and nursing home staff to assist residents with this advocacy effort.

The PNA is the monthly sum of money that residents who receive Medicaid may retain from their personal income. Any income above the allowance is applied toward the cost of their care. The PNA allows residents receiving institutional care Medicaid benefits to keep from their income $70 each month to pay for personal items such as clothing, shoes, haircuts, snacks, cards and postage, small gifts, etc.

We strongly encourage the community to participate in Residents’ Rights Month activities and to visit residents, who continue to be important members of our communities. Our staff and volunteers advocate for Georgia’s long-term care facility residents, empowering residents to exercise their rights to make their own decisions.


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