Ser Familia’s mission is to equip Latinos of all ages with the tools, resources and skills they need to go from crisis to thriving.   Our vision is to have all families flourish and contribute to the well-being of their communities.  Our 65 and over Latino population has been especially hit with the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 and we are more committed than ever to provide mental health services that are linguistically and culturally appropriate to this population.

According to the US Census Bureau, The Latino population in Georgia, age 65 and over, grew over 200% in one decade (*2010 Census vs 2019 Census). In 2010, Latinos over 65 made up 4.7% of the population. By 2019, the percentage was 14.3%.

With the population growth and the outbreak of COVID-19, the need for Mental Health Services, as well as Emergency Assistance has only increased exponentially.  Ser Familia has filled that void by quickly launching and continuing support programs assisting the golden population and their families in their language”

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Belisa M. Urbina
Executive Director
Ser Familia, Inc.