GGS Scholarships

Student and Older Adult Scholarships
Deadline is 4/6/2020


Student Scholarships 

Recognizing our commitment toward the promotion of leadership in gerontology, GGS sponsors an annual gerontology scholarship award program. This program provides scholarship opportunities to outstanding graduate and undergraduate students who are committed to pursuing a career in the field of aging.  Applicants must be members of the Georgia Gerontology Society. Two scholarships are awarded each year. The Robert P. Wray Scholarship of $2,000 is awarded to one undergraduate student, and the Virginia M. Smyth Scholarship of $3,000 is awarded to one graduate student.  By making these awards, we aim to promote student interest in aging-related issues and to promote professional development in gerontology.

Older Adult Scholarships 

As a network that educates, serves and advocates for older adults and their families, GGS sponsors an annual gerontology scholarship award program for older adults. This program provides a scholarship opportunity to attend the GGS Annual Conference for older adults in Georgia. By sponsoring this award, we aim to promote continued interest and involvement in aging-related issues across the lifespan.

Visit our Scholarship Page for more information on all of our scholarships and to access the applications.

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