GGS Webinar – Caring for the Caregiver: How a Faith Community Can Respond

  • Start:
    June 11, 2020 11:30 am
  • End:
    June 11, 2020 12:30 pm

Caregivers often need to be reminded to take care of themselves when they take on the role of family caregiver for a spouse, parent or other member of their family. This webinar will provide a general view of what caregivers face today and how they respond to the challenges and rewards of this role. We’ll look at stress and burn out- identifying it and preventing it as well as some problem solving techniques. We’ll also explore the role of the faith community and how to accept help and give help.

Topics Covered:

  • Who are caregivers
  • Situations creating need for care
  • Pat’s responsibility chart/self-assessment
  • Caregiver roles and responsibilities
  • Caregiver involvement- When is it time?
  • Emotional aspects of caregiving
  • Problem solving
  • A faith communities response
  • Resources

Presenter: Pat Baker, MS, has worked in the field of aging and with family caregivers her entire career. She recently retired from working for the government with the lder Americans Act programs and services. In the 1980’s she worked at two different PC(USA) churches in older adult ministry and is glad to be back doing older adult and caregiver ministry in her local church in retirement. She is President-Elect for the Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Network that she has been involved with since its inception. She is also Vice-President of the Georgia Gerontology Society.