First of all, I would like to thank GGS Committee in given me this opportunity of being a part of the 66th GGS Annual Conference. As soon as I walked through the doors here at Lake Lanier Island Lodge Resort, it felt very warmth and inviting. From the registration table with Mrs. Alvarez’s smile and the key note speaker, there was excitement and anticipation in learning the Intersectionality in Aging. The information in my first class, Golden Girls Living, was informative, inspiring, and much needed. Sharon Cooper talked about the fight to pass the bill for older adults. She also talked about the quality and efficiency in Golden Girls Living. I also had the opportunity in being a part of the class about empowering the person in person centered care with Libby Dunahoo. Mrs. Dunahoo gave us great information about knowing your rights for your love ones and being a part of their lives.

This conference confirmed to me that this journey must continue in knowing the dynamics of the Aging Process in America. I’m ready as a GGS member to KEEP MOVING, ENGAGING, EMBRACE & UNDERSTAND THE DYNAMICS OF THE AGING PROCESS.