Disclaimer: Vaccine distribution has been challenging for many and a success for some. We encourage members to share their stores about vaccine rollout to administrator@georgiagerontologysociety.org for consideration in our blog.

On January 2, 2021 91 residents of Woodland Ridge along with our care partners and health care staff at CaraVita Home Care were vaccinated by Physicians Pharmacy.  Beth Cayce stated it is the first time we have been on the offensive in this fight against COVID-19 -19. Staff and residents received the vaccine to allow them to begin a process of reuniting with families and friends.  Anna Williams, a 16-year veteran CMA, C.N.A who was a little apprehensive at first, said she got it because she knew it would help. Joan Chege C.N.A stated that it will help keep her family, clients and her safe and she wants to be there for them.

While we know this will take some time, we are encouraging as many who are able to take the vaccine to receive it, so we can stop the spread of the Pandemic. Since the clinic on Saturday, we have had more requests as staff have seen that their colleagues, and the residents have had very little side effects. It is important to share information on this vaccine to increase acceptance. # Vaccination Saves Lives.

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