2020. What a year it has been! As I write this, we are only half-way through, and I am positive each one of us has been affected in some manner. COVID-19, political uncertainty, the pain of social injustices, economic hardship, social isolation, social division, and the reminder that we have a long fight ahead of us when it comes to addressing social inequities.

Given the intersectional nature of the challenges that we face, we are reminded daily of the importance of the work that we do both individually and collectively. Our organization’s mission states, “The Georgia Gerontology Society is a statewide multidisciplinary professional network that educatesserves, and advocates for older adults and their families.” We work for all older adults, and these challenges have renewed our resolve to fight even harder for those who are most vulnerable.

The American Society on Aging recently noted that “Age offers no immunity to racism and violence.” Older adults are at highest risk from COVID-19, and older adults of color experience compounding risk factors that have real and lasting consequences on their health and well-being. The accumulation of stress from a lifetime of experiences with discrimination and racism, inequities in healthcare, and a systematically perpetuated racial wealth gap, all contribute to older adults of color being at higher risk for health challenges.

As the state of Georgia’s largest organization of multidisciplinary professionals in the field of aging, GGS will continue to advocate for all older adults and their families to have equal access to services and supportive community resources. We will continue to support decisive actions that address longstanding inequities and eliminate social injustice when and wherever we encounter. We will also work harder to amplify the voices of people of color in our field and recruit professionals from underrepresented groups for leadership positions to ensure that we are working effectively for all older adults in Georgia.

GGS is committed to ensuring our membership and older adults in Georgia remain our focus, especially in these complicated and dynamic times. We are advocates, so it comes naturally to us to want to make our organization better. Stronger. To stay as relevant as possible to those we serve. And, the only way forward is to listen. Carefully. Any questions, suggestions, or feedback? Please reach out to us. We are all ears and we want to do better. In the meantime, please continue to take COVID-19 seriously and remember that washing our hands is the least we can do to protect our most vulnerable community members.

Thank you in advance for your review and recommendations,

Barbara J. Hall