November 14th marked the beginning of the season of light with Diwali. The Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas, and other celebrations will follow and an anticipation of a new year in which we all hope for change and new beginnings. In what has felt like dark times for many of us and for many of the older adults we serve, we could all use more light in this world. We continue to hear stories of how our members and the larger aging network have been this light for the people we serve and for each other. Though the work is not done, we hope this holiday season will allow you to reflect on the grace and goodness you have provided in this world and encourage you to continue to be a source of light for those around you. As president of GGS, I am humbled by your work and sacrifice and I am proud to lead an organization with such amazing members. On behalf of the Board, thank you for allowing us to serve you as you serve others.

Your GGS President,

Pat Baker