Submit Your Advocacy Issues

The session may have just ended but it is already time to begin thinking about next year. GGS would like to present an issue to CO-AGE for consideration and we the help of our members. We want to know what issues you feel should be a top priority in the 2019 session. Please email with the issue you would like GGS to present to CO-AGE. We need all requests by April 20th.

Please answer the following questions if you are able.

1. Please state the problem and why you feel it should be a priority.

2. To the best of your knowledge, are other states doing anything about this issue?

3. Do you have any data or evidence to support your idea?

4. How would legislation or funding solve the problem?

5. Are there any groups we should contact for more information about this issue?

Visit our Advocacy Page for a 2018 Update.