During the 2018 Session, GGS will continue to support the CO-AGE issues. If you are a GGS member and GGS has your residential address on file, you will receive advocacy alerts when your elected officials should be contacted on an issue. Need to update your information? Email

The Coalition of Advocates for Georgia’s Elderly (CO-AGE) was begun and is led by the Georgia Council on Aging (GCOA). The coalition is meant to be:

  • a forum to identify and address concerns of older Georgians
  • a vehicle for bringing broad-based input on aging issues from across the state
  • a diverse group of organizations, individuals, consumers and providers interested in “aging specific” and inter-generational issues
  • a unifying force communicating the importance of providing supportive communities and adequate services & programs for older Georgians

The Georgia Council on Aging was created by the Georgia General Assembly in 1977. Council members are appointed by the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Speaker of the House and the Commissioner of the Department of Human Services.You can learn more about GCOA and CO-AGE here.

Budget Priorities

Home and Community Based Services Funding
Amount: $10 million
Home and Community Based Services provide support for older Georgians to remain at home as long as possible by providing home modifications, personal assistance, meals, transportation, and other services. These services cost far less than staying at a nursing home and can help seniors stay independent longer.
ADRC Funding
Amount: $4 million
Aging and Disability Resource Centers provide information and referrals to individuals and family members who are aging or living with a disability about long-term supports and services. This funding will help ADRCs meet the growing need and continue to provide “no wrong door” services to Georgians seeking help.

Legislative Priorities

Abuser Registry
As reports of elder abuse increase each year, aging advocates see a need for a registry of individuals convicted to abuse, neglect, and exploitation against older and disabled Georgians. Check back later for more updates on our progress with the Abuser Registry.

Medicaid Funded Assisted Living
There is a lack of affordable housing for persons needing help with activities of daily living, such as meals, meds, dressing, bathing. Medicaid funded Assisted Living would provide Medicaid funding to pay for Assisted Living facilities.

Personal Care Home Requirements
Personal Care Home providers do not always comply with licensure and code enforcement. This would increase penalties for those homes not complying with existing regulations.

You can view videos for each issue HERE.

If you are a GGS member, you will have an opportunity to provide suggestions on which issue GGS should present to CO-AGE for 2019. You will receive more information in the monthly newsletter after the end of the legislative session.